UPDATE: Dog Abandoned on Roadside, Tangled in Chain, Now Has Loving Home

UPDATE: Dog Abandoned on Roadside, Tangled in Chain, Now Has Loving Home

In August, a man was caught on camera abandoning a dog on the side of the road just outside of Dallas, Texas. As LFT reported, he was the first arrest after secret video surveillance was installed by officials at the popular dog-dumping site — and thanks to this initiative, justice is being served to the man responsible for the cruelty.

The helpless dog, named KD, was found nine hours after being dumped; the Dowdy Ferry Animal Commission immediately took her to a Dallas shelter.

A month later, KD has settled into a forever home with Reagan Henderson and Zachary San Roman, a couple who visited the SPCA in search of a dog to call their own.

Before knowing KD’s sad past, the couple had already decided she was the one for them. “She was so sweet; we both knew we had to get her,” said Henderson.

Despite the trauma she endured, KD was ready to love and to be loved.

Her new life comes with lots of belly rubs, walks, and even her own Instagram page called ‘kdishome‘. She can be found at the pet supply shop picking out new toys or sitting on the couch watching TV with her family.

“No more chaining for KD ever again,” said Henderson.

KD has a wonderful life ahead of her thanks to the video surveillance initiative and the compassionate couple who adopted her. With this new system, the cruelty of dog dumping in the city of Dallas will hopefully meet its end, and many more sweet dogs like KD will enjoy happily ever afters.


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  1. Carl

    I am SO happy for this sweet dog and her new family!

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  2. Lona Klem

    How sick & Pathetic! Get that rotten bastard & throw the book at him. Thank you so much for installing a camera there! How cruel. ! It makes me sick. How a so called human can be a rotten devil. Punish that evil phyco. Let h8m rot in HELL!!!

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  3. Carol Reins

    Happy about the arrest and even more happy about the love she is getting in her new home. Just look at that beautiful face!

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  4. Rachael Markson

    I hope there’s a way for KD’s new wonderful family to see these comments..thank you for being such compassionate people. It seems clear that KD is now in a far better home. However I’m sure she is still traumatized by what that horrible, disgusting non human did to her. I pray he is severely punished. To think of how scared and confused she was is heartbreaking. I just don’t get people who can do this..I really don’t.

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  5. Coreen kerr

    I’m so glad KD found a forever home with such a kind & caring family.

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    Did they arrest the monster who dumped KC off and sped away? I’m thrilled that KC now has a loving family, but what a horrible way to get rid of an unwanted pet! Almost every town/city has an animal control/dog pound withing driving distance and this man certainly looks like he was capable of doing just that. What a low-life!

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  7. cindi scholefield

    I am clicking my heels with delight. When I saw that first video my heart lurched. Now it’s in the right place again 🙂

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  8. Autumn Steele

    This is why I hate people. How selfish to throw your beautiful baby away. Like a piece of trash. I cried about this and other stories like it. I wish I were rich. So I could rescue more animals. I have 11 cats & 5 dogs. We also rescue flying squirrels and release them in our woods. It makes me feel awesome to be able to help any animal. I only wish. Everyone felt like we do. I hope they give him at least a year and a hefty fine and make an example of him. So others will see this is not nice and you will be prosecuted. So please help any animal you see that needs it. If only you make a phone call for help. God knows.

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  9. susana*

    Que clase de personas tiene este planeta si se les puede decir personas o mejor bestia pero ya va a pagar ese viejo cuando lo dejen a el en un asilo el mundo esta cada dia peor ya no hay valores ni respecto ni semtimirntos

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  10. Leanne

    I am so glad that this loving dog has gone to an eaually living forever hom. She really deserves it.

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  11. juliette

    Reagan and Zachary, thanks a million for adopting KD- what a selfless and wonderful thing to do, stay blessed! Thanks to all involved for their efforts!!

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  12. MS

    I’M SO HAPPY for KD — TODAY — last week, I was so outraged upon hearing of his abandonment by his previous idiot-monster-owner — THANK YOU a million times to his new family — I love you for giving him a loving home — you’re the best! — NOW, let’s make sure that his previous owner is held accountable for his crime — CRIMES AGAINST ANIMALS MUST BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY – – the depraved indifference to KD’s well-being is telling of a cruel, irrational, unconscionable, cowardly, merciless human — LET’S MAKE SURE HE PAYS FOR HIS CRIME AGAINST KD — WHY would a rational & compassionate society allow these imbeciles to get away with their crimes — We do NOT want repeats of these cruel acts against animals EVER!

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