Turkey Now Has a Police Division Just For Tracking Online Animal Cruelty

Turkey Now Has a Police Division Just For Tracking Online Animal Cruelty

The Turkish Police have set up a division in the department of cyber crime to monitor animal cruelty online. The division is charged with rooting out individuals who post images or videos of violence against animals. It is a first for the country, and an important step in fighting animal abuse.

Stories of animal cruelty and neglect are all too common in Turkey. Stories range from a puppy drowned in glue to a house full of slaughtered dogs and frozen cats.

In January 2017, Lady Freethinker shared a story of two Turkish men that posted photos of a dog they mutilated as punishment for losing in a dog fight. The photos they posted were disgusting, but the Turkish government responded with a small fine (equivalent to $1,000 USD).  It was an appallingly light sentence, and not close to proportional to the pain and suffering they senselessly inflicted on an innocent animal.

Men in Turkey who tortured a dog, punished by a fine.

Güncelleme : 2017-01-17

Lady Freethinker published a petition to call on Turkey’s Ambassador to the United States, Serdar Kılıç, to advocate for stronger punishment for animal abuse. It garnered 1.5 million signatures and sent a strong message that there was a need for the Turkish government to revisit its protections for animals and punishments for animal abusers.

This move by the Turkish police reflects a shift in the right direction. It follows introduction of new regulations in June 2017 that replaced fines with jail time for animal abusers.

Around the world, animals are mistreated and neglected on a massive scale. This news shows that animal rights activists and pressure from media groups on government can push progress and help move us toward a more caring, compassionate world.

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  1. Karen

    The 2 guys who cut the ears off of the dog there need to have severe punishment I hope you go after and find them . Get the dog away from them if it’s still alive. It’s hard to believe the cruelty of these 2 men I hope someone cuts their ears off!

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  2. carla renders


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  3. carla renders


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  4. cindi scholefield

    Excellent news. I hope they follow up with appropriate punishment, not just a slap on the wrist. And while I’m at it, time now for the US cops to stop killing dogs and be forced by law to protect them just as they are supposed to protect humans.

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  5. linda

    That’s gear they formed an animal cruelty team. So now they have more time to focus on the animal cruelty. Great news finally someone stepping up and putting the cruelty where it belongs especially since the abuse and cruelty has sky rocketed lately. All that’s left now is from them is to enforce the laws to the fullest.

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  6. Terence Scarr

    Top respect to the turkish animal cruelty division!! Kick ass gentlemen.

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  7. Regina milione

    Terrible to see this poor dog looking at his ears. These two should have their hands cut off! Great to hear that Turkey is really stepping up now!

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    • Debra Broach

      Yeah but just think, they probably wouldn’t have done anything if this story wasn’t published in the news. That seems to be the only time action is taken. I would like to know who has the poor dog now and can he be helped. That poor baby is probably wondering why that has happened to him. Those two idiots in the picture with him need to have their hands cut off so they can’t do anything else to any other animal because the law that gave them a slap on the wrist and let them go, has to know that those fools are going to do it again. They need to be registered as dog abusers, their pictures displayed everywhere and on everything. The law needs to keep an eye on them as well as the people. If they so much as mention the word dog, …..lock their butts up duct tape their stupid mouths shut and throw away the key and just let them rot.

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  8. Julie Tamayo

    We must Boycott anything Turkey until they do the right thing and protect precious animals and punish evil low scums. Nothing associated with Turkey ever again for me and my loved ones.

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  9. Bina Pannell

    Fantastic news but have these two barbarians been adequately punished now for not only torturing this poor dog but for dog fighting which I hope is illegal in Turkey? Turkey which is Muslim must be reminded what the Quran says about abusing animals – it is a sin, even hunting for sport is forbidden.

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