Vegan living is about to get more convenient for people living in the UK, with top sandwich brand Urban Eat set to release five new vegan options, three of them featuring vegan cheese.

With catchy names and delicious, fresh vegan ingredients, the new selection will be available in stores from August 20th. The soon-to-be-released vegan cheese options include a tasty sounding “Pickle Me Up” sandwich with vegan cheddar cheese, a “Sweet Baby Cheesus” wrap with vegan mozzarella, and the “Hot Mozza Bella Panini,” also with dairy-free mozzarella. The other introductions to the range are the Dirty Jack Wrap and the Avo-Lafel Sandwich.

“Innovation and keeping on top of trends is at the heart of our ethos at Adelie and catering for specialized diets such as vegan is a big focus for us at URBAN eat,” says Senior Marketing Manager Isla Owen. “Meat-free diets are becoming more popular than ever, with approximately 12 percent of the UK population now following this type of diet.”

The new additions will bring the total number of vegan options in the “Roots” range to 12. Urban Eat, managed by Adelie foods, is sold at over 3000 retailers in the UK, from airports and hospitals to convenience stores and service stations.

Veganism has surged in the UK in the past two years, with a recent survey concluding that more than 3.4 million British people now choose this cruelty-free lifestyle.

Plant-based diets are kinder to both the environment and the animals we share the planet with. We hope that this trend to accommodate a plant-based diet continues to spread and inspire some of the retailers in the US and around the world.