These Two Rescued Cats Just Can’t Stop Hugging Each Other

Who says dogs are the affectionate ones?

As Inside Edition reports, rescued cats Mori and Louie can’t bear to be apart. Following each other around and smothering one another in hugs and kisses, these two are about as affectionate as they can be.

Though the cats are loving brothers now, it didn’t used to be this way. Mori was once the only cat, and initially gave Louie a less-than-enthusiastic welcome. But the pair grew close as time went by, and…well, you can see how adorably doting they are now.


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    Just melts my heart, what a 180 from the horrible pictures of the cats in cages waiting for slaughter- they never ever deserve this. These two boys hopefully will live a long and happy life.

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    • Naila M Sanchez

      Thank you for well-spoken words!! AMEN!!

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  2. Steve ezrine

    How sweet those two are with each other.

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  3. Juliette

    As a cat lover I know just how sweet and affectionate they can be. Looove Cate!!

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