Animal advocacy and education nonprofit Peace 4 Animals recently announced a new partnership with Animal Rescue Mission (ARM). By working together, the organizations hope to increase the impact of their work and save more at-risk dogs and cats from high-kill shelters throughout the world.

Founded in 2012, Peace 4 Animalsvision is “to create a world that lives in harmony with all animals and that works to protect them against harmful human interference.” The group aids endangered animals through donations to various organizations, educates the public through wildlife and conservation programs, works to rescue and home disadvantaged domestic animals, and advocates to stop animal abuse and neglect.

Located in Los Angeles, Calif., ARM focuses on rescuing dogs and cats from California’s dangerous streets and high-kill shelters, but they also save animals throughout the United States and work to free innocent dogs from the horrific dog meat trade in China.

With ARM as their rescue partner, Peace 4 Animals hopes to make a more profound impact in the lives of stray, abandoned, and abused animals throughout the world. 

“We are thrilled to team with Animal Rescue Mission (ARM) to save the lives of an even greater number of homeless, neglected, and abused dogs and cats,” said Peace 4 Animals Founder and President Katie Cleary. “Peace 4 Animals has continued to grow tremendously over the years, with much of our far-reaching work now focused on protecting and saving endangered species worldwide, animal welfare legislation, and promoting a plant-based lifestyle.”

“Yet, we wanted to continue our organization’s animal rescue efforts by bringing the amazing organization Animal Rescue Mission (ARM) led by Shira Astrof on as our partner to be able to combine our efforts and save the lives of even more animals in need,” she continued. “After seeing their dedicated live-saving work first-hand, we knew that they were the perfect organization.”