Los Angeles residents, rejoice! Plant-based pâté from Plantcraft is now hitting grocery store shelves.

Plantcraft — a plant-based “deli meat” company — is bringing their rich and creamy pâté in mild and spicy flavors to Erewhon organic grocery stores throughout Los Angeles. The pâté has a reportedly smooth, rich texture and a smokey, savory taste.

“Erewhon is known for bringing Los Angeles the latest innovations in nutrient-rich, pure products that are ethically and sustainably sourced,” said Plantcraft Co-Founder Kati Ohens. “Their customers are aware of the impacts of their food choices and we believe they will appreciate that our pâté incorporates whole foods, not processed ingredients.”

This cruelty-free food is made from clean ingredients like green banana powder, golden flax seeds, grapeseed oil, onion, garlic, herbs, and spices. It contains no additives, preservatives, artificial or genetically-modified ingredients and free of the main allergens with no nuts, gluten, grains, soy, dairy, or eggs.

Plantcraft’s pâté can be used in sandwiches, appetizers, fillings for ravioli and tacos, and more.

The company is combining food science research with European traditions, creating environmentally-friendly and cruelty-free “meats” like cold cuts, sausages, and now pâtés.

Giving consumers the ability to choose viable plant-based and cruelty-free alternatives to favorite meat-based foods is an important step toward a more compassionate world.