A Major Win For the Animals!

The US Farm Bill has just been signed into law, bringing some HUGE victories for the animals!

This is thanks to the hard work of activists and organizations across the US who took a stand against animal cruelty. And YOU were a part of that voice, as hundreds of thousands of you signed LFT petitions to enact these groundbreaking amendments:

  • Dog and cat meat are finally BANNED. It is now illegal across the nation to kill dogs or cats for human consumptionwhereas before, an astonishing 44 states had no law protecting companion animals from slaughter.
  • Dogfighting and cockfighting are now illegal in all US territories.While these barbaric bloodsports were already banned in the 50 states, they were still fully legal in territories like Puerto Rico — where cockfighting was an appallingly massive industry raking in $18 million per year.
  • Animals have new protections against domestic violence. It is now a federal offense to cross state lines to harm a domestic partner’s pet, and vet bills can now be added to restitution. Federal funding will also help ensure victims’ companion animals have housing in emergency shelter situations.

Also important is what was rejected from the farm bill: the vile King Amendment, which would have stripped states’ rights to enforce their own laws against animal cruelty.

Thank you to all who spoke out and helped achieve these victories for the animals!