A Caucasian Shepherd puppy — who likely plummeted 15 feet into a well and remained trapped for several days according to Cleveland Fire Brigade — was rescued just in time by firefighters in Stockton, England.

Rescuers arrived at the scene after a passerby reported what appeared to be a badger trapped in a well. The giant puppy they found instead was in desperate need of help — appearing to be losing his will to fight right in front of rescuers’ eyes, as reported by BBC.

The rescue team lowered a specially trained firefighter into the well who was able to bring the large dog back to safety. The exhausted puppy likely would have drowned if left in the well much longer, according to rescuers.

In addition to fatigue, the sweet, giant pup suffered from painful blisters covering his legs, mouth, and other areas of skin, due to being partially immersed in contaminated water for such a long time.

Rescuers believe he likely has a family and ran off during a walk, as he was wearing a collar and a leash. The gentle pup has been affectionally nicknamed “Badger” by his rescuers who are now searching for his family.

Badger is making a “fantastic recovery,” according to the Cleveland Fire Brigade UK’s Facebook page.

Badger the dog after rescue

Courtesy of Cleveland Fire Brigade

Lady Freethinker applauds the Cleveland Fire Brigade, the passerby who called for help, and everyone who is currently helping Badger recover. We hope to see Badger reunited with his family soon!