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PETITION TARGETS: Senate Environment and Agriculture Committee

Each year, ducks and geese in the United States are force fed – their beaks pried open, tubes jammed down their throats, and huge quantities of food pumped directly into their stomachs – until their livers are diseased and up to ten times their normal size to produce foie gras, a cruel byproduct wrongfully considered a ‘delicacy’ by some diners.

During the forced feedings, birds can suffer injuries – including painful bruising, lacerations, sores, and torn throats – as well as death by liver failure. The unnatural size of their engorged livers also crushes their other organs and makes it difficult for the birds to breathe.

The horrific practice has been banned by more than a dozen compassionate countries, and by California and New York City. More than 100 dining establishments, as well as top chefs, also have denounced the cruel forced feedings, according to news reports.

Rhode Island is now one step closer to joining those caring leaders with a bill that would ban the importation, production, or sale of cruel foie gras within the state.

HB 6663, introduced by Sen. Alana DiMario and Rep. Brandon Potter, passed out of the House in April and is now before the Senate’s Environment and Agriculture Committee. 

“The good people of Rhode Island overwhelmingly oppose animal cruelty, and if given a choice, I believe will be in favor of following in the footsteps of California, New York City, and the more than a dozen countries that have already banned it,” DiMario told GoLocalProv News.

Sign our petition urging Rhode Island legislators to take a strong stance against the torture inherent in foie gras by fully supporting HB 6663. 

Then, if you live in Rhode Island, please take a moment to contact your legislators directly and let them know that you strongly support this life-saving legislation and that you strongly oppose the cruelty caused by foie gras production.