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The Sustainable Food Policy Alliance: https://foodpolicyalliance.org/about-us/

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PETITION TARGET: The Sustainable Food Policy Alliance

UPDATE (6/22/2022): We sent our petition, signed by more than 15,000 people, to the Sustainable Food Policy Alliance. We also reached out multiple times over the last several years to continue to advocate for animal welfare to be addressed in their plan. Sadly, we’ve not been able to obtain any additional information about this situation. We’ll keep doing all we can to advocate for animals. —Lady Freethinker Staff


Four American food giants have launched a sustainability coalition to forge public policies that “shape what people eat and how it impacts their health, communities, and the planet.” But noticeably missing from their plan is any mention of animal welfare.

Let’s tell America’s food industry that sustainability means ending animal suffering, too.

The brands that make up the Sustainable Food Policy Alliance  — Unilever United States, Nestle USA, Mars Inc. and Danone North America — are all responsible for the abuse and death of animals on a massive scale at the factory farms that produce their dairy, egg and meat products.

There is nothing sustainable about factory farms that not only torture animals with intense confinement and brutal practices like debeaking chickens, but also create toxic manure lagoons that pollute our drinking water and make families sick.

What’s more, all four companies still conduct cruel and unnecessary animal testing. Mars and Nestle are the two largest pet food companies in the world, an industry exposed for gruesome tests on cats, dogs, mice and other animals.

With such potential for positive change for billions of suffering animals, animal welfare must be added to the alliance’s key areas of focus.

“With so many pressing food policy opportunities on the horizon, now is the time to help steer America’s food policy and our food system on a better path for long-term success,” state the alliance leaders in a press release.

We agree.

That’s why now is the time to end barbaric factory farm abuse, halt invasive animal testing, and strive to produce plant-based goods that are not only healthy and cruelty free, but better for the planet.

Sign this petition to urge the Sustainable Food Policy Alliance to address animal welfare concerns and take meaningful action to banish cruelty from America’s food supply.