Last year, the FDA recalled multiple brands of dog food contaminated with pentobarbital -- a sedative used in pet euthanasia. And just last month, the agency found the same drug in Gravy Train, prompting J.M. Smucker to pull their canned dog food from the shelves.

Pentobarbital is only present in pet food for one reason: the products contain the rendered remains of euthanized animals. And under current law, those animals could even be dogs and cats euthanized at animal shelters and shipped off to rendering plants.

"That material is legally allowed to be sold to dog kennels and pet food manufacturing facilities, so essentially your dog and cat could be eating euthanized dogs and cats," according to attorney DanaMarie Pannella.

But a new Ohio bill could prevent this sickening practice in the state, and set a precedent for the rest of the nation. HB 560 would outlaw any dog or cat remains in pet food, as well as ban remains of any animal killed by drug-induced euthanasia.

Sign this petition urging Ohio Governor John Kasich to fully support this bill and urge state house leaders to pass it as soon as possible. No dog or cat should have to eat the remains of their own species.

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