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PETITION TARGET: Walmart CEO Doug McMillon and Meijer CEO Rick Keyes

UPDATE (11/4/19): In October 2019, Walmart announced that the retailer will end the sale of live fish. We are thrilled that the Walmart has decided to stop this cruel practice. Unfortunately, Meijer has not made the same compassionate decision, with numerous checks back to the company going unheeded and unanswered. We’ll continue to advocate for fish and all animals.  —Lady Freethinker Staff


Betta fish are suffering due to routine practices at Walmart and Meijer, two major department stores housing the fish in tiny, cramped containers with insufficient, sometimes dirty, water.

Bettas confined to these tight quarters often appear lethargic and are frequently seen lying on the bottom of the bowl – or dead and dying.

Betta fish sold in stores across the nation are regularly mistreated, PETA told National Geographic in an article exposing the cruel practices these animals are subjected to in the industry. A PETA investigation also revealed that bettas are normally transported from dealers to stores in tiny plastic bags with very little water.

Research from Belgium’s Ghent University shows that a betta’s quality of life – and happiness – is harmed when exposed to environments that are too small. Bettas need companionship, contrary to popular belief, but they are often stored in small containers, alone, where they are stacked on top of other bettas. 

Walmart’s animal welfare policy states that they “expect that our suppliers will not tolerate animal abuse of any kind,” yet the chain violates animal rights on the shelves of its own stores and continues to support companies known for animal and human rights abuses.

Bettas, like people, experience depression and stress when their welfare is compromised. More than that, this retail industry practice is killing bettas, sometimes before they even hit the shelves. 

Sign this petition urging Walmart and Meijer to stop selling bettas in their stores and end the cruelty to and suffering of these fish.