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PETITION TARGET: Chinese Ambassador Cui Tiankai

The Yulin Dog Meat Festival in China is known for sadistic torture and slaughter of innocent dogs. But did you know that cats are brutally killed for meat at the festival, too?

The cats may be grabbed from the streets or kidnapped from their human families, packed into cages so tight their bodies are crushed against the hard metal wire, then ruthlessly beaten and their throats slit. Those who survive may be torched or boiled alive before meat sellers hang their lifeless bodies on hooks to sell to festival-goers.

Cats are sentient, loving creatures just like dogs, and we must fight to save them from torture and death at the Yulin Dog Meat Festival and at cruel meat markets and slaughterhouses throughout China.

Sign the petition to urge the Chinese ambassador to do everything in his power to ban dog and cat meat at Yulin in 2018, and put an end to the entire dog and cat meat trade in China. It’s time to stop the horror once and for all.