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Speaker Robin Voss, [email protected]; Senate Majority David LeMahieu, [email protected]; Governor Tony Evers, [email protected]

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PETITION TARGET: Wisconsin State Congress and Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers

UPDATE: (4/11/2024) In a win for animals, Governor Evers vetoed the bill to protect animals, writing, “I object to removing control over animal welfare standards from local authorities and preempting their ability to pass ordinances with the interests of their community in mind.” Thank you everyone who took action on this petition! You can read our update here. We’ll keep fighting for animals around the world. – Lady Freethinker Staff

Cows, pigs, and other farmed animals could suffer worse factory farming conditions in Wisconsin, if newly-proposed legislation passes.

Assembly Bill 957 would prevent communities from implementing farmed animal welfare protections that are stricter than the state. Local laws could not regulate how factory farms care for their animals, including administering medications and vaccinations or how the animals are transported, if the bill is passed.

The bill — called the Protect Our Farms Act — would be a win for Wisconsin’s factory farms and a huge loss for animals.

As of 2022, there were 327 factory farms (or farms with over 1,000 animals) in Wisconsin. Factory farms commonly cram animals into filthy cages where they have little or no room to turn around. They are incentivized to put profit over animal welfare.

Cows, chickens, pigs, and other farmed animals are typically denied their natural instinct to take care of their babies, enjoy friendships, build nests, or engage in other natural social behaviors.

The proposed legislation could also encourage businesses to take part in other cruel farming-related practices without repercussions, including puppy mills, according to WXPR News.

Cows, pigs, chickens, dogs, and other animals deserve to be protected.

Sign our petition encouraging Wisconsin lawmakers to reject the Protect Our Farms Act, which would threaten the welfare of animals in the state.