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Chief of Police Colonel Edwin C. Roessler, Jr.: [email protected]

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PETITION TARGET: Fairfax County Police Department

A mother racoon got caught in a painful trap and was spotted helplessly roaming around Oakton, Va. for several days with it attached to her leg, according to outraged community members. Unable to climb a tree to reach her two kits, she tragically lost one of her babies to a predator, and if she can’t remove the trap, she will likely slowly die from hunger.

This isn’t the first animal to get caught in these dangerous traps. A red fox got caught in the same way. Sadly, he was discovered close to death and euthanized due to the extent of his injuries.

These defenseless animals are dying and enduring needless pain at the hands of someone who is setting traps in places where children and household pets are also at risk of being injured.

These innocent animals deserve justice, and the individual(s) responsible for their suffering must be stopped from inflicting further harm. Sign this petition urging the Fairfax County Police Department to use all available resources to identify and charge the perpetrator(s).