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Namyangju Mayor Cho Kwang-Han; https://www.nyj.go.kr/english/2034

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PETITION TARGET: Namyangju Mayor Cho Kwang-Han

New undercover footage from Lady Freethinker shows horrifying cruelty at the Nakwon Auction House in Namyangju, South Korea, thought to be the largest remaining dog meat auction house in the country.

Amid the annual Bok Nal “dog eating days,” this auction house of horrors sold more than 200 “meat” dogs in mere hours.

Held captive in cramped, dirty metal cages, the terrified, cowering dogs yelped in terror as an auctioneer poked them with a metal rod, selling the helpless animals off to the highest bidder.

In a cruel twist of irony, “Nakwon” refers to paradise in the Korean language. But this hellish facility is more nightmare than paradise for the dogs trapped inside.

The dogs held captive here are either bought for human consumption or for breeding, forced to raise more dogs who will be tortured for the meat trade. The industry often kills its victims through inhumane methods like electrocuting or hanging, resulting in an agonizing death.

South Korea is the only country in the world that operates large-scale, commercial dog meat farms, even though most residents don’t eat dog meat. But with Korean citizens increasingly protesting the trade, markets and auction houses have been closing rapidly in recent years.

Add your voice to help shut down this appalling auction house, sparing countless more dogs from ending up on dinner plates. Sign this petition urging the mayor of Namyangju to close the Nakwon Auction House and end the cycle of cruelty and suffering.

Help even more after signing! Please support LFT partner Nami Kim of Save Korean Dogs in her efforts to fight back against the illegal construction of this auction house by sending emails to the city officials below. Thank you!
Construction Team Leader: Kim, Cheol Woo
Secretary to Mayor Cho: Sohn, Won Cheol.
Animal Welfare Team Leader of Agricultural and Livestock Department: Kim, Byung Joon