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Democractic House Leader Rep. Steny Hoyer - https://www.majorityleader.gov/email

Republican House Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy - https://kevinmccarthy.house.gov/contact/email-me

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PETITION TARGET: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi

UPDATE (7/18/2023): This legislation was introduced in the 117th Congress by Sen. Susan Collins as S 1378 but did not pass in the 117th Congress. We will keep looking for opportunities to advocate for animals exploited in laboratories, and we thank everyone who spoke up for them by signing our petition. —Lady Freethinker Staff


More than 50,000 dogs, cats, primates, rabbits and guinea pigs are tortured in cruel and invasive experiments in federal labs every year; and few of these poor creatures ever make it out.

Inside government-approved labs, animals are tormented with psychological and physical horrors, from infecting thousands of kittens with toxoplasmosis before unnecessarily killing them, as revealed by White Coat Waste Project, to implanting monkeys with devices that release high dosed of nicotine directly into their bloodstream.

Nearly all the animals used in lab research every year are killed, even if they are in good health. Their lives are considered to have no value and they are thrown away like trash.

The newly introduced Animal Freedom from Testing, Experimentation and Research (AFTER) Act aims to prevent this needless loss of innocent lives.

It would require all federal agencies that test on animals to introduce policies allowing them to be adopted out or retired to sanctuaries after the experiments come to an end.

The legislation will apply to species that fall under the Animal Welfare Act, including primates, dogs, cats, rabbits and guinea pigs. Unfortunately, the millions of mice, rats, and birds used each year in experiments are not covered.

While we strongly push for animal testing to stop altogether, in the meantime we want to ensure that those animals who can be saved get a chance at a good life.

Sign this petition urging US House Leaders to support the AFTER Act — and add language that protects ALL species — so that the lives of thousands of animals can be saved every year.