Researchers at Gothenburg University in Sweden are planning to kill six Labradors this month in the final stage of a cruel and invasive medical experiment.

Venus, Milia, Mimosa, Luna, Lotus, and Zuri are the unwilling participants in dental research at the university. During their incarceration, researchers have removed one-third of their teeth and inserted implants. By the time the experiment comes to an end, the dogs will have been put under anesthesia six times.

The experiments are designed to study how effectively a new style of dental implant integrates with human tissue. Dogs are chosen as subjects because they have similar saliva and oral bacteria to humans.

Swedish animal rights organization Djurrättsalliansen (Animal Rights Alliance) have been fighting to save these dogs, so far to no avail. In spite of a petition which garnered more than 80,000 signatures, the university says they still plan to kill the animals. They state that the euthanasia is an essential part of the research, as the bone, tissue, and blood needs to be tested; procedures that are impossible on a live animal.

In spite of repeated requests, the university has declined to meet with animal advocates to discuss the experiments.

Thousands of people have protested on Gothenburg University’s Facebook page, and British comedian Ricky Gervais and vegan actor Peter Egan have also spoken out asking the university to spare the lives of the Labradors.

Join the fight and urge the University of Gothenburg to do the right thing by saving lives of these innocent dogs and investing in animal-free testing methods instead.

Send your emails to the university here, urging them to spare these dogs:

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