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Ximena del Rocío Peña Pacheco

President of the Justice and State Structure Commission
(Presidenta de Comisión de Justicia y Estructura del Estado)

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30,323 signatures

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PETITION TARGET: President of the Justice and Structure of the State Commission, Ximena del Rocío Peña Pacheco

During a gruesome, illegal dogfight in Ecuador, a pit bull named Colo Colo was forced to fight for an entire hour and thirty minutes against another helpless dog. Ripped to shreds and covered in blood, Colo Colo died a slow and agonizing death — yet the maximum penalty possible for this extreme cruelty was a mere 30 days in jail.

Nearly 24,000 of you signed a petition urging Ecuador to strengthen their animal protection laws and penalties. And now, Ecuador has proposed a bill to toughen penalties for animal abuse, cruelty, and torture; sexual abuse of animals; neglect and abandonment of companions; and dogfighting.

We must speak out to help this crucial bill pass.

It is time to obtain justice for Colo Colo and all other innocent animals subjected to heinous abuse and neglect. 

Please sign this petition urging President of the Commission Ximena del Rocío Peña Pacheco to do everything within her power to see this bill become a law, ensuring the animals of Ecuador will be protected from mistreatment, torture, abandonment, and deadly fights.