A golden retriever tied up on the street suffered an excruciating death as a police officer bludgeoned the animal with a wooden club. As seen in horrifying video of the incident, the terrified dog yelped in pain and tried desperately to escape the repeated blows to the head.

Shocked onlookers -- including children -- watched in horror as the dog finally collapsed into a pool of blood on the sidewalk in the Tianxin district of Changsha, China.

Local Chinese animal activists reportedly tried to save the dog, but the officer refused, so all they could do was "stand back and weep helplessly," according to social media reports.

The dog had allegedly attacked two people, though it is unclear if they were hurt. Chained to a road barrier, the animal clearly posed no immediate threat.

This brutal treatment of a helpless dog -- performed right in front of children -- must not be tolerated. Sign this petition urging the mayor of Changsha to take immediate action to stop its police officers from committing violence against dogs and all other animals.

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