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Philippines’ Bureau of Animal Industry Director REILDRIN G. MORALES, [email protected]; Department of Agriculture’s Committee on Animal Welfare, [email protected] / [email protected]/; Department of Environment and Natural Resources, [email protected] )

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PETITION TARGETS: Philippines’ Bureau of Animal Industry, Department of Agriculture’s Committee on Animal Welfare, and Department of Environment and Natural Resources

UPDATE (1/19/2022): The Bureau of Animal Industry on Jan. 7 sent a letter to the Department of Agriculture’s Committee on Animal Welfare, asking for a meeting to discuss Lady Freethinker’s concerns. We’re watching closely and will report back with more information when it becomes available. —Lady Freethinker Staff


A captive tiger, chained in place, sucks on a baby bottle as tourists crowd around and touch him at Zoobic Safari in the Philippines, reveals a new undercover investigation from Lady Freethinker (LFT).

The visitors captured the moment — which wildlife experts told LFT would be extremely stressful and psychologically damaging to the captive animals — for the equivalent of $10 USD, according to the zoo’s website. 

Also at Zoobic, LFT’s video captured a white tiger, chained inside a barren cell, pacing restlessly in circles — a common symptom of zoochosis, or severe mental distress. 

At Zoori Residence Inn, another zoo in the Philippines owned by the same company, a frightfully thin lioness approached a shallow pool of green slime inside a barren, filthy enclosure while her partner — a sickly lion inside a haggard frame — looked on.

These heartbreaking realities were just some of the horrific conditions documented at five popular zoos in the Philippines — Avilon Zoo, Lyger Sanctuary, Zoobic Safari, Zoori at Residence Inn, and Zoocolate Thrills — that spanned from malnourished animals left without access to clean food or water to macaques, a sun bear, and chained big cats pacing in circles inside filthy and inadequate enclosures.

LFT’s investigation also revealed forced interactions and photo opportunities between visitors and wild animals at the zoos, such as captive chained tigers being used for “selfies” or photo props. At Zoocolate, photo opportunities with unspecified “live” animals cost as little as 20 Philippine pesos– the equivalent of $0.40 USD.

No innocent wild animal deserves to suffer — or die — for human “entertainment.” It’s time to immediately end all inhumane visitor-wildlife interactions, including selfies with chained and captive big cats.

Sign our petition urging animal welfare regulators in the Philippines to thoroughly investigate conditions at these zoos, end tourist photo opportunities and “selfies” with big cats and other live animals, and demand immediate and critical improvements  — or relocations to reputable sanctuaries– of these suffering animals.

Then see our investigation and  read Lady Freethinker’s full story here.

Strawberry tiger at Lyger Sanctuary Philippines with foot caught in chain