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PETITION TARGET: Knoxville Police Chief Eve M. Thomas

A defenseless puppy suffered bleeding from the mouth, paw abrasions, and a possible broken leg after someone threw her from a 29-foot overpass, leaving her for dead in the middle of the night.

Officer Kevin Aguilar of the Knoxville Police Department, who happened to be parked beneath the overpass, heard a grunting male voice, followed by a loud impact and yelping as the puppy hit the ground.

“I was in shock,” Aguilar said. “The first thing I was thinking was there’s no way someone just threw a dog off that bridge.

Abandoned and scared, the injured dog lay bleeding on the ground until the officers transported her to the University of Tennessee Veterinary Medical Center. While she recovers from her injuries, the person who committed this disgusting act has yet to be found.

This innocent animal deserves justice. Please, sign this petition urging Knoxville Police Chief Eve M. Thomas to use every available resource in this investigation to find those responsible.

This is an ongoing investigation. The Knoxville Police Department encourages anyone with direct knowledge of this unspeakable act to come forward. You can call the Crime Hotline at 865-215-7212 or the Animal Control Unit at 865-215-8640.

Puppy thrown from Knoxville overpass