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Bridget McKenzie, Australian Minister for Agriculture, [email protected]

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PETITION TARGET: Bridget McKenzie, Australian Minister for Agriculture

In a horrific case of animal neglect, 20 horses painfully starved to death in a Queensland, Australia, field, while an additional 8 emaciated horses struggled to survive among the rotting, scattered skeletons.

The corpses included seven ex-racehorses and a few yearling foals.

The surviving horses are so severely malnourished that even with prompt medical attention they may not survive.

Animal welfare group Australian Farm Animal Rescue Matters has arranged foster carers for the surviving animals, but the poor creatures are still with their abusive owner, forced to withstand excruciating hunger and thirst.

According to the group, this is not the first time the owner received complaints against him for neglecting animals. Inspectors had previously investigated the animals and ordered him to feed his horses. Reportedly, he dumped a bale of “moldy garden mulch” into the barren field.

These poor animals underwent agonizing suffering. We must speak out against such abhorrent neglect.

Please, sign this petition urging the Australian Minister for Agriculture Bridget McKenzie to order the remaining horses be immediately removed from the property and ensure the person responsible for such torturous neglect and heartbreaking death is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, including a lifelong ban on having animals.

starved horse