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Benton County Sheriff Eric Knox
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PETITION TARGET: Police and prosecuting attorneys of Benton County, MO and Cameron County, TX

UPDATE (6/7/2022): A judge sentenced Steven Woodington to one year and 30 days in jail with 12 months suspended — meaning he served 30 days in jail as part of his 2-year probation, during which he also can’t own or work around animals and during which he needs to complete 200 hours of community service. Charges against Mark Anthony Treviño were dismissed, according to court records. We thank everyone who signed our petition advocating for these defenseless animals. — Lady Freethinker Staff


Hundreds of dogs were held in “unimaginable” conditions at properties in Cole Camp, Missouri and Cameron County, Texas. Law enforcement officers found stacks of rusted crates containing layers of filth—and in some, the bodies of animals who had passed away. Those still alive were crammed into tiny cages, their skin matted and burned from their own urine.

Between the two properties, both reportedly under the care of Steven and Tiffany L. Woodington, the officers found nearly 300 dogs suffering malnutrition and disease. The pair operated an animal rescue organization called “All Accounted For.”

For many of the animals, help arrived too late. Officials expected that more than half of the dogs from the Texas property would not survive due to such poor health. And law enforcement discovered approximately 120 dead dogs in “various stages of decay” on the Missouri property.

Police arrested the Woodington couple and a third unidentified person in connection to this appalling case and charged them with animal abuse.

These animals—both those who tragically lost their lives and those who miraculously survived—deserve justice.

Sign this petition urging police to conduct a thorough investigation, and prosecutors to file maximum charges and call for a lifetime ban on the defendants every having an animal again.

PETITION UPDATE 9/10/20: One year after these animals were discovered, all three suspects face animal cruelty charges. Mark Anthony Treviño and Steven Clark Woodington face 19 counts of animal cruelty charges, and Tiffany Woodington also faces animal cruelty charges. Most of the dogs rescued have since found homes.