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Russian Ambassador Anatoly Antonov: [email protected] // [email protected] // https://washington.mid.ru/en/contacts/

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PETITION TARGET: Russian Ambassador to the United States Anatoly Antonov

Shot by the Russian Navy, a mother bear and her defenseless baby cub fell to their deaths for curiously climbing on top of a nuclear military submarine in Russia’s Kamchatka region, according to BBC.

In a viral video clip of the disturbing incident, a gunshot goes off, and the two innocent bears lifelessly plummet into the water. 

Instead of driving the animals away, the Russian Navy resorted to unnecessary lethal force.

Authorities must get to the bottom of this alarming situation and take action against the needless execution of two helpless bears.

Sign this petition urging Russian Ambassador Anatoly Antonov to push for a thorough investigation of the tragic shooting and establish better wildlife protections to prevent future tragedies.