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District Attorney General Hon. Amy P. Weirich, 201 Poplar Ave., Suite 301 Memphis, TN 38103 Phone: (901) 222-1300

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PETITION TARGET: District Attorney General Hon. Amy P. Weirich

UPDATE (10/20/21): Kyoko Smith was convicted of killing an animal, a class E felony, and sentenced to 11 months and 29 days of probation, according to the district attorney’s office that prosecuted the case.

Terms of probation include that Smith must maintain mental health treatment and undergo random drug screens, the office told Lady Freethinker.

We are disappointed that this sentence followed such a heinous act of intentional cruelty, but we thank all of those who signed our petition demanding accountability for Lucy, may she now rest in peace. We will continue to do all we can to advocate for animals and bring animal cruelty to light.


In a grisly act of animal cruelty, a young woman in Memphis, Tennessee decapitated her grandmother’s dog Lucy, carved up the animal’s body, and sent photos of the mutilated pet to relatives, reports KKTV 11 and WREG 3.

According to investigators, Kyoko Smith beheaded Lucy and placed the dog’s head in a dresser drawer. Smith then allegedly cut out the dog’s heart and placed it in her grandmother’s freezer.

An unnamed neighbor stated that Smith had previously displayed alarming behavior while peering over the fence one night and staring at her dog.

“I asked her, ‘Hey, what are you doing?’” the neighbor reported. “She said, ‘Oh, your dog is cold. Your dog is cold.’ That’s the only thing she’d say.”

Smith has already been released on bond and must be prevented from harming more innocent animals.

Sign this petition urging District Attorney General Hon. Amy P. Weirich to to call for a strong sentence that includes intensive psychological treatment for Smith, as well as a lifetime ban on ever going near an animal again.