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Los Angeles County District Attorney Jackie Lacey: https://da.lacounty.gov/contact/email

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PETITION TARGET: Los Angeles County District Attorney Jackie Lacey

Assaulted on their own front porch and drenched with poisonous bug spray, a tiny kitten suffered in agonizing pain with a broken jaw before taking his final breath.

Disturbing home surveillance footage shows the young cat relaxing on a cooler when a woman picks him up and covers his mouth and fur with the toxic chemical. The kitten’s lifeless body, bearing evidence of his torturous final moments, was later found nearby.

The woman in the video approached another home the same night and asked to borrow a pair of pliers, according to ABC7.

After outraged local community members demanded justice for the tragically slain kitten, police tracked down and arrested a suspect, who had another kitten in her possession at the time.

Authorities must treat this case with the severity it deserves, as the suspect’s alarming behavior suggests other animals are at risk. Sign this petition urging Los Angeles County District Attorney Jackie Lacey to push for a comprehensive psychological evaluation and treatment, and to take all necessary measures to avoid another tragedy like this.

dead abused kitten