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Western Australia Police Force: https://www.police.wa.gov.au/Contact-Us/Other-enquiries

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PETITION TARGET: Western Australia Police Force

In deeply disturbing footage circulated on social media, two teens brutally beat a kangaroo with a plank of wood as the animal lay injured and helpless on the ground.

The shocking video depicts the young men taking turns to violently swing at the kangaroo’s head, while the person filming the scene laughs.

At one heartbreaking point, the terrified animal raises their paw against the oncoming weapon in an attempt to protect themself from the attack.

After the assault, the teens shared the footage on Snapchat.

The incident reportedly took place in Kalamandu’s Zig Zag trail in Perth. Police and RSPCA are still investigating to find all parties involved.

One of the teens has already handed himself into the police. His father has spoken out in his defense, claiming the boy is an animal lover who was merely trying to put the animal out of its misery after it ran in front of their car.

But it’s hard to believe such a vicious attack, performed with such enjoyment, was any sort of act of mercy. The police must take action to prevent these teens from hurting more animals in the future.

Sign this petition urging the Western Australia Police Force to conduct a thorough investigation, and prosecute all individuals involved to the fullest extent of the law — ensuring they never harm an animal again.

Anyone with information in this case, please contact Crime Stoppers here: https://www.crimestopperswa.com.au/make-report/


A teen brutally beats a kangaroo