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Houston Police Department: [email protected] / Pearland Police Chief J.L. Spires: [email protected] / Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez: [email protected]

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PETITION TARGETS: Houston Police Department, Pearland Police Department, and Harris County Sheriff’s Office

Horses are turning up dead, brutally slaughtered and dismembered in their pastures, in Houston, Texas. In what appears like an intentional and gruesome display of serial cruelty, at least one horse suffered from stab wounds to the chest and three horses had their hindquarters and backstraps cut from their bodies, indicating they were killed for their meat, according to the Pearland Police Department.

Heartbroken guardians discovered their beloved horses’ butchered remains with ropes around their necks, prompting a multi-agency investigation into the disturbing killings. Police suspect the culprit(s) is storing the meat in a large cooler and reselling it, and the yet-unidentified suspect(s) remains at large, leaving locals to wonder if and when another needless slaughter will happen.

Whoever is responsible for butchering innocent horses and stealing their meat must be brought to justice for these horrific acts of cruelty before more animals are harmed or killed. Sign this petition urging the Houston Police Department, Pearland Police Department, and Harris County Sheriff’s Office to treat these disturbing cases with the severity they deserve and do everything in their power to identify and charge the individual(s) responsible for slaughtering these defenseless horses.

This is an ongoing investigation. Anyone with information is urged to contact Detective J. Page from the Pearland Police Department at 281-997-4202 or [email protected], or to contact the Houston Police Department or the Harris County Sheriff’s Department.

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