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PETITION TARGET: Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office 

At least six tabby kittens reportedly were microwaved, mutilated, squeezed, and drowned to death by a 22-year-old man who then replaced them to avoid making his mom suspicious in Cook County, Illinois, according to news.

Authorities learned about the kittens — all named Shelly — after videos surfaced of a man reportedly tossing a pillow case with a kitten inside of it into Lake Michigan. The man’s girlfriend then sent videos and photos that she reportedly had seen on his phone, including one of a tiny, living kitten captioned “just before I murdered her.” 

The man allegedly had microwaved three kittens to death and then stored their corpses in his pantry, with police finding a bag containing what appeared to be the remains of “multiple cats” when they searched, according to news.

Prosecutors told the judge hearing the case that the man had reportedly admitted that he enjoyed” killing cats and had been doing it since he was 8 years old.

Authorities have charged the man with four counts of animal torture and two counts of aggravated animal cruelty — all felonies that must not be amended down in the court process.

The man reportedly has no prior convictions, was using drugs, and checked the box for “mental health” issues — but it’s still critical that this case is treated with the severity it deserves.

It’s well established that people who intentionally and fatally kill animals will keep doing so unless there is a serious intervention. It’s also been established that people who sadistically torture animals often go on to harm humans.

Sign our petition urging the Cook County State’s Attorney to pursue maximum accountability in this case — including a lifelong ban on owning or being around animals, mandated intervention and substance abuse services, and by not allowing any plea deal that amends the felony animal cruelty charges.