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PETITION TARGET: Porter County District Attorney Gary Germann

UPDATE (6/1/2022): Ronald Johnson pleaded guilty to one count of torturing or mutilating a vertebrae animal, according to public record.  Johnson was sentenced to one year in jail, which was suspended — meaning he won’t go to jail unless he commits new crimes within the slated 1-year probation period. We are disappointed that an act of such cruelty met with such a lenient sentence. We thank everyone who signed this petition, and we will continue to fight against animal cruelty. –Lady Freethinker Staff 


Sweet dachshund and beagle mix Echo of Valparaiso, Indiana lost his right eye after his family’s neighbor reportedly brutally beat him in the face with a log, fracturing the helpless dog’s skull.

Even emergency surgery could not save poor Echo’s eye after the vicious attack.

Police arrested Ronald Johnson Valparaiso for this act of abuse — but despite the horrific nature of the attack, Johnson soon bonded out for a mere $1,500.

According to Echo’s guardian, Courtney Gutowski, this wasn’t the suspect’s first attack on the innocent dog. Earlier this year, Johnson repeatedly and aggressively struck Echo with large ice pellets, but due to a lack of physical evidence, this crime went unpunished, says Gutowski. It is troubling that after two reported cases of abuse, Johnson is roaming free and officials have not taken stronger and more immediate action.

It is essential that the court treat this case with the severity it deserves, to ensure Echo’s safety and the safety of the community.

Sign this petition to urge Porter County’s District Attorney Gary Germann to prosecute Johnson to the fullest extent of the law. The court must make it clear that animal abuse will not be tolerated, to save dogs like Echo from suffering at the hands of people who believe they can harm animals without consequence.

PETITION UPDATE 6/23/2020: Ronald Johnson Valparaiso’s next court date is in August 2020, for the trial.