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WA Parliament: [email protected] // New South Wales Police: https://www.police.nsw.gov.au/?a=470827

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PETITION TARGET: Western Australia Parliament and New South Wales Police

UPDATE (3/16/2022): Victory! Western Australia Parliament passed the Dog Amendment to the Stop Puppy Farming Bill in December of 2021. The new law will require dogs to be spayed or neutered by age two (unless exempt), for pet shops to transition into adoption centers, for customers to receive information about where their dogs are coming from at the time of purchase, and also to create a centralized registration database. These changes will help prevent further neglect to dogs, such as Strawberry, according to a media statement from Government of Western Australia. We thank everyone who has signed the petition and we will continue to advocate for innocent animals. — Lady Freethinker Staff


Raided by the RSPCA after allegations of animal cruelty, a horrifying puppy mill in New South Wales reportedly left a 10-month-old, pregnant boxer puppy named Strawberry to slowly suffer to death for over a week after she got sick during pregnancy, a former worker turned whistleblower told WAToday.

Some of her puppies allegedly died during the pregnancy and rotted inside of her. Three of the survivors were shipped off to pet stores to be sold.

Strawberry “smelled like death” and was covered in flies and maggots when one worker bathed her, the whistleblower said.

The puppy farm owner, who continued operating after facing hundreds of violations in 2015, was supposedly aware of Strawberry’s deteriorating condition and refused to seek medical treatment for her. He reportedly “nudged her with his foot while saying: ‘Are you dead yet?’, and was laughing about it,according to the whistleblower.

Strawberry is one of thousands of dogs who are subjected to the appalling conditions at cruel puppy mills, where dogs are kept in filthy, cramped cages, denied medical care and exercise, and sometimes live in their own feces.

The recent raid of the owner’s properties has not yielded charges yet.

People must stop profiting off of abuse and neglect. It’s time to pass the Dog Amendment (Stop Puppy Farming) Act 2020, which is currently under consideration in the Western Australian Parliament. If passed, the new law would change breeding regulations to prevent puppy farming in Western Australia.

Sign this petition urging the Western Australia Parliament to pass this life-saving bill, and the New South Wales Police to fully investigate the allegations against the puppy mill, charging the owner they’re confirmed.