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Romanian Minister of Internal Affairs Ion Marcel Vela: [email protected]

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PETITION TARGET: Romanian Minister of Internal Affairs Ion Marcel Vela

Attacked and covered in scalding hot tar, a helpless and malnourished puppy burned in excruciating pain. The deliberate onslaught left the stray dog unable to walk, and the toxic fumes he was forced to breathe in damaged his lungs and led to pneumonia, according to Metro.

Rescuers found the dog clinging to his life.They bathed him in special chemicals to remove the hardened tar without causing further damage to his blistered skin.

The dog’s road to recovery will require extensive and prolonged care.

Authorities believe the puppy’s attackers took the tar from a nearby building site and purposefully dumped it on the dog. The abusers who tortured this frail, innocent dog must be held accountable for their actions. 

Sign this petition urging Romania’s Minister of Internal Affairs Ion Marcel Vela to push authorities to thoroughly investigate this abhorrent act of cruelty, using all available resources to find and charge those responsible.

puppy covered in tar