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PETITION TARGET: Vacaville Police Department

A terrified police dog yelped in pain as his handler repeatedly punched him in the head, according to a horrified onlooker who watched the situation unfold in Vacaville, Calif.

Disturbing footage shows the dog in a submissive, defenseless position as the officer strikes his face.

“Before the video, I saw him give at least 10 punches to the dog,” witness Roberto Palomino told ABC 7 News, adding that the animal cried for at least five minutes.

Vacaville Police Captain Matt Lydon initially defended the officer’s actions, claiming the dog became aggressive and refused to give back a toy he had received as a reward for completing a routine training exercise.

When investigative reporter Stephanie Sierra asked Lydon if it was necessary to punch the canine in the head 10 times, he declined to comment.

The dog has been removed from his former guardian’s care, but the officer remains on duty, despite his harmful actions.

There is no excuse for beating a subdued animal. Sign this petition urging the Vacaville Police Department to thoroughly investigate this disturbing incident and revisit their department-wide training protocols to protect K9s from abuse.

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