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Johnson City Police Dept. Administrative Coordinator Tina Vaughn: [email protected] // Police Chief Karl Turner: [email protected]

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PETITION TARGET: Washington County District Attorney Kenneth Baldwin

UPDATE (10/20/21): We redirected our petition on to Washington County District Attorney Kenneth Baldwin, encouraging him to prosecute to the fullest extent of the law the person responsible, after Johnson City Police arrested Deamion R. Davis. We’ve since learned through a public records request that Davis was sentenced to 30 days in jail and three years of probation, during which he can’t own or possess an animal. The judge also ordered that Davis pay the costs of the necropsy and disposal of this sweet cat, surrender all companion animals, and go through a psychological evaluation and counseling at his own expense. We thank everyone who signed our petition advocating for this innocent cat, whom we hope is now free from pain and suffering. –-Lady Freethinker Staff


Stabbed multiple times, an orange and white tabby cat’s bound and mutilated body was found beside a bloody screwdriver on the blood-spattered pavement of a funeral home parking lot in Johnson City, Tenn., WATE reported.

The deceased cat’s remains show a terrifying and agonizing death: her back paws wrapped in duct tape, her head bashed in, and other signs of torture.

Someone reported a green 4-door truck in the parking lot around the time a passerby found the feline’s slain body, according to a Johnson City Animal Control spokesperson. But authorities have not yet identified any suspects and are asking the public for any information about this shocking case.

The person who mercilessly taped this innocent cat and stabbed her to death must be caught before they harm anyone else. Sign this petition urging the Johnson City Police Department to use all available resources to identify and arrest the person responsible for this horrifying act of cruelty.