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Travis County Sheriff's Office: https://www.tcsheriff.org/about/about-us/contact-us

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PETITION TARGET: Travis County Sheriff’s Office

UPDATE (3/23/2023):  We sent our petition, signed by more than 38, 400 people, to the Travis County Sheriff’s Office to advocate for justice for this sweet lamb. A spokesperson told us that while the lamb did have a significant head injury, “detectives working the case were unable to prove the lamb was shot” and also were “unable to establish any investigative leads or evidence that would point to a possible suspect.” The case is currently suspended but will be reopened if any new evidence is obtained, according to the spokesperson. Thank you to everyone who signed our petition, and we will continue to  advocate for justice for animals everywhere. — Lady Freethinker Staff


Unsuspecting children recently discovered a lifeless baby lamb, shot in the head, on their home’s property in Travis County, Texas, according to KTXS.

Traumatized, the children shouted for Jason Uddin– their dad, and the lamb’s guardian — to tell him she was dead.

The defenseless lamb’s death is just the latest incident in a series of disturbing nighttime shootings in and around people’s homes and cars, with one bullet nearly hitting a child.

The ongoing events have worried Uddin, who worried about the nighttime shooter’s next victims.

“Right now, it’s my baby lamb,” he told KTXS. “What if (next time) it’s a human? What if it’s one of my own kids?”

Authorities said they are investigating the unidentified “night shooter” but lack enough evidence to arrest any suspects, according to CBS Austin.

Meanwhile, locals are living in fear, wondering when the shooter will strike again.

Whoever shot and killed this helpless lamb must answer for their actions. Investigators must get to the bottom of these incidents before more innocent people and animals are harmed or killed.

Sign this petition urging the Travis County Sheriff’s Office to use all available resources to identify and arrest the perpetrator(s) in this alarming case.