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Terrified and crying, 11 puppies so young their eyes hadn’t opened yet were cruelly discarded like garbage in a dumpster and left to die.

The newly born pups still had their umbilical cords connected when passerbys found them abandoned in a soaking wet box.

If two attentive citizens hadn’t discovered the tiny dogs, they would’ve quickly wasted away without ever getting a chance in life.

“The people heard what they described as a baby crying,” an alert from the local El Paso Police Department read. “They approached and looked inside. What they saw in amazement was a water-soaked cardboard box with 11 puppies.”

This complete disregard for precious animal life is unacceptable, and the perpetrator must be found to ensure he or she doesn’t harm any other animals.

Sign this petition to urge the El Paso Police Department to use all available resources to investigate this dreadful crime and bring justice to these innocent 11 newborns.

El Paso police are asking anyone with information to contact the animal cruelty tip line at 915-212-0800.