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PETITION TARGET: Barbara LaWall, Pima County Prosecuting Attorney

In an unfathomable act of animal cruelty, a Tucson, Arizona woman soaked her dog in gasoline and set the helpless animal on fire.

Dean Sherfield Finley, the woman behind the heinous crime, purchased two gallons of gas earlier that day, indicating that she already had the sickening act planned out in her head.

When a relative noticed that the family dog, Lovely, seemed wet, they tried to pick her up – and learned Lovely was covered in flammable fuel. Sherfield Finley then set dog on fire before setting the house ablaze with Lovely inside.

Lovely’s extensive injuries required intensive care under the constant watch of a specialty vet. Despite the veterinary staff’s around-the-clock efforts to save the innocent dog’s life, she went into cardiac arrest and died two weeks later. Lovely’s final days were spent in excruciating pain.

Sherfield Finley has been arrested for her crimes, and now it is imperative that her cruelty is treated with the severity it deserves.

Sign this petition to urge Pima County Prosecutor Barbara LaWall to do everything in her power to ensure justice is served in this horrifying case, and to never allow Dean Sherfield Finley near an animal again.

dog set on fire