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Thurston County Sheriff's Office

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PETITION TARGET: Thurston County Sheriff’s Office

UPDATE (6/26/2018): The Thurston County Sheriff’s Office has determined that Annie’s tongue was not cruelly cut out but rather the result of an unfortunate accident.

“After considerable deliberation and several expert opinions, this injury is determined to be an accident,” the sheriff’s office said in a post on social media Tuesday morning.

A veterinarian euthanized Annie, an adult horse in the Yelm area, because she couldn’t eat without her tongue, which was found in a nearby pasture.  A sheriff’s sergeant told the Olympian that the horse’s front teeth may have lacerated her tongue and that the panicked horse then likely acted in a way that caused the tongue to fall out of her mouth.

We are saddened by Annie’s death but are glad that her situation was investigated. We hope she is now at peace, her suffering ended.


A woman in Yelm, Washington saw what looked like a red toy in her backyard Tuesday. But soon she realized it was something much more gruesome — a large, severed tongue. She rushed to check on her horse Annie, and found the innocent animal bleeding from the mouth. Annie’s tongue had been savagely cut out.

The injury was so severe, Annie could not eat or drink. Tragically, vets had to euthanize her.

This sickening incident follows another case of cruelty in the area, in which a skeletal sheep was found stuffed into garbage bags. Authorities believe the cases may be related.

It crucial that police track down and apprehend the sadistic individual responsible for this cruel act(s). Annie’s attacker may soon hurt more animals — or humans — if they are left walking the streets.

Sign this petition to urge the Thurston County Sherrif’s Office to do everything in their power to find and prosecute the person responsible, and ensure that they are never permitted near another animal again.