SIGN: Justice for 11 Dead Puppies Found Wrapped in Plastic in Freezer

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  1. Sue Blowes

    Same as my other comment for the Yorkie like for like as they say in the bible. Put them in the freezer and lock the lid.

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  2. Julie

    Animals, what have they done to deserve humans ??? We experiment on them, kill them in their billions for food and clothing and destroy their habitats. I am totally ashamed at our selfishness, greed and arrogance. Humans are THE worst thing ever to have evolved and will end up destroying ourselves after we’ve destroyed everything else in our path !

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  3. Beverly

    Anyone who could commit such a horrendous act to ANY innocent animal deserves to be in prison for life …. the pets lost theirs!
    And, if those in the judicial system do nothing to prosecute such scum, then they are as GUILTY of animal abuse as the abusers.

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  4. Parkash Malla

    Hope so my petition will help justice for the voiceless! ! And i will never stop my voice for the voiceless like what I’m doing now 🙏🙏🙏✌✌✌✌🐾🐾🐾🐾🌏🌏🌏

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  5. christine Perkell

    Certainly law enforcement should prevent the current owner of this inhumane puppy mill from ever having or being responsible in any way for dogs of any age. Jail time would be appropriate. The Humane Society legal branch should be informed of this.Presumably they have been?

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  6. Clarissa misa

    Close puppy mills. Most owners don’t care for their animals, all they want is money, justice for animals close all puppy mills

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    OH, My heart is braking for these Dogs & Puppy’s. How they must of suffered before their death. People have to be sick to do these things to any animal.
    These poor Baby’s didn’t deserve the sick bad treatments they received. This person who had this Puppy Mill needs to be fined big time & Jailed for years. Never have another Dog or any Animals ever again.

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  8. Don

    Everyone should have the right to do to him what he did to the poor puppies

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  9. Zoe Heath

    OMG, you sick F%[email protected] Why is no one lethally injecting these wastes of oxygen/nitrogen, etc. l have no use for this. Wipe them (off ’em) and give me the animals, l’ll love them up.

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  10. Terri Leone

    Please people stop buying animals from puppy mills and them out of business. Adopt from a shelter…so many unwanted animals.

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    I hate government and police officers.

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  12. Paula Smith

    Please dont let these monsters ever have any animals in their custody.

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  13. Christine

    Sickening; throw the bastard in jail for a long time.

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  14. Denise

    These puppy mill owner needs to be severely punished! Anyone committing such a horrific crime is not worthy of existence! Put him/her in a room and lock it up, throw away the key! Simple as that! This inhuman will only continue this barbaric torture again anyway. Get rid of him/her!

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  15. Elaine B


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  16. Rosana alcalde

    Justiça para todos os animais que sofrem nas mãos dos “seres humanos”.

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  17. Lisa

    I dont understand. Why people take pictures of all these abused animals in the world. And don’t do anything there and then. Tomorrow is to late. Why take a bloody picture. Makes me do angry. 😡😡

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  18. Christine Lanterme

    An example must be made of this man for his cruelty. Man can be the most savage creature on earth. He must never ever be allowed to own an animal again. There should be public lists, with photographs, of animal abusers. As with sex offenders. He must have a severe jail sentence imposed on him.

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  19. Astrid Gerjets

    So ein Abschaum von Mensch der das zulässt die Tierquälerei Strafe folgt Arme Seelen viel Glück. PFUI DEIBEL Strafe folgt.

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  20. georgina

    Please, STOP Killing Innocent Animals !!!

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  21. rainbow7777

    These animals deserve justice and the puppy farm should be shut down and the owners prohibited from keeping animals for life.

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  22. deanna Burger

    This need to stop how can they treat something that way that pays their bills. They are disgusting and need to spend tme in jail, never be allowed to own another animal of any kind and pay thousands in fines. They are profiting from the misery of those animals.

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  23. Mel

    If the justice system has any bit of warm blood and a small piece of a heart in there body, they will charge and sentence these horrific people for the rest of their lives. Cage them in a prison with the worse conditions possible , and give them the fear and pain they deserve. I pray the justice system does it right…for the sake of our faith in them and the abuse that these innocent souls will never heal from. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

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  24. Dianna

    I am sick thoroughly sick and this jerk should be put through the exact same thing he put these innocent animals through. I can’t stop crying because there are people who are on fixed incomes who would have really enjoyed to have a friend. I am devastated and just can’t understand how cold, soulless, uncaring, piece of trash, can still be walking around free when they have tortured these innocent animals. If they will torture an animal what is next a child, a woman, a group of people, a school??? How much more has to be shown to legislature to get them to listen. I am beside myself. This person needs to die the way these puppies and other dogs did, kill him then freeze him while he is still dying and knows what is going on. I am sorry I know that is harsh but I didn’t want my dog to get sick and die and he did after 15 years with me and I would give anything and everything to have him back with me. I would love to see a harsh judgement against this person.

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  25. lizzie Isaacs

    Not able to click on the sign in button.

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  26. Phyl

    Yes…long jail, hefty fines for the jerk who did this horror & same for the uncaring judge who is protecting the jerk!

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  27. Phyl


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  28. 🐶

    Some puppy mill Pig. Throw them In Prison for life for this horrific crime. If the lame judge let’s them off they’ll open another puppy mill and then the Judge should go to prison too!

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  29. Jo

    This is sick hope the nasty so called human who done this gets the maximum sentence if not karma wanna b coming for u im absolutely heartbroken for them poor babies

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  30. Debbie

    Prosecute the animal abuser to the fullest extent of the law and put his name on an Animal Abuse Register. He must be banned from animal ownership for life.

    The vile psychopath is an animal abuser and the dogs should not be returned to him. This would be highly irresponsible and dangerous as he will re-offend as character disordered individuals with low empathy never ever change. He will abuse all animals in his care and not feed them as he is unable to be kind and decent. The animals must be given to a humane shelter, where they will be cared for and given what they need and handed over to foster carers ready for adoption.

    His despicable animal abuse history must be taken into consideration and not ignored. These individuals are method actors and law enforcement should not be swayed by his ability to pretend to be human and sincere when he is a low life animal abusing scumbag who enjoys inflicting pain. Dogs mean nothing to him, he has the same relationship with them as he has with a mobile phone. They are there for him to do what he likes with, i.e., abuse, so that he feels good and powerful and no animal should have to suffer abuse. Dogs are innocent and voiceless and they must be protected from abuse.

    Puppy Mills are death traps for dogs and they should all be closed down.

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  31. Sonia Medina

    Put these bastards in jail!!!!!!!!

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  32. Morgana

    What kind of monsters did this? No ethics, no compassion, what remains for them to be called humans? Close all puppie mills them

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