A 5-year-old dog recently adopted from a shelter in the United Kingdom turned around and repaid her new, loving family by saving her guardian’s life.

Peter Bradley and his partner Debbie Ackers adopted dog Ruby from the U.K.-based animal rescue Dogs Trust Salisbury. Not long after bringing her home, Bradley fainted during a walk and fell into a ditch partially filled with cold water, according to news reports.

Thankfully, Ruby was with him, and she did not hesitate to get help. She began barking – loudly – and refused to leave the side of her new guardian, who has a heart condition and low blood pressure. When Bradley regained consciousness, he recalled feeling grateful and emotional for Ruby’s loyalty.

“She was barking, running around, she wouldn’t leave,” he told news. “She doesn’t bark very often, and she was barking.”

Ruby’s barking attracted a caring passerby, who stopped and helped pull Bradley out of the ditch with a stick.

Ruby the hero continues to enjoy daily walks with both of her guardians, and they feel so blessed to have her as part of the family. Dogs Trust also praised Ruby and said her story is a good reminder that shelter dogs make fantastic and life-changing companions.

“It’s lovely to hear about what all our dogs get up to when they get a home, but I think this story really stands out,” said Sarah Abbott, public relations officer at Dogs Trust. “It’s incredible to know what a dog could do when you rescue them, they might go on to rescue you.”

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