A frightened bloodhound and his dedicated guardian found themselves on a 150 foot ledge above a rushing river with no way to escape.

Jamison the dog ran off one day and did not return home, leaving his guardian, veteran Nathan Mueller, eager to find him. Mueller tracked a tip from social media to an approximate location and followed the sound of Jamison’s barking.

Mueller found his beloved companion animal stranded on a ledge high above the Kalama River in Cowlitz County, Washington. After he went to retrieve his dog, he also became stuck on the ledge.

He needed backup.

Mueller called 911. Luckily, Cowlitz County sheriff deputies James Doyle and Landen Jones quickly responded. Both men had trained with the U.S. Army, including in how to use ropes to rappel down mountains without a safety harness, and were the perfect officers for the job.

As the bloodhound and his worried guardian waited patiently, hovering above the rushing river, Doyle and Jones fastened a rescue system made of ropes. Jones held the rope as Doyle eased down the side of the cliff.

After maneuvering the ropes around Jamison and Mueller, Doyle was able to secure them safely and inch the dog up to safety. Mueller followed, happy to be reunited with Jamison and grateful to their rescuers who brought them to land.

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