The adorable faces you see here barely escaped being beaten, sliced and cooked alive for the gruesome Yulin Dog Meat Festival this June.

But with the support of our compassionate donors, Lady Freethinker assisted in the rescue of 32 dogs from slaughter. Just look at these happy, healthy faces now!

Thank you for helping save these precious lives.

These sweet, gentle pups were saved by LFT-supported rescuers, and are now thriving — all thanks to caring readers like you. Safe at the sanctuary, they now know the warmth of loving arms, and will get the tender care they need for the rest of their lives.

Still, our work is far from over. Hundreds of other dogs saved from Yulin slaughter are still fighting for their lives, sick with parvo and other diseases, and still healing from deep wounds inflicted by heartless dog meat dealers.

At the annual Yulin Dog Meat Festival, thousands of dogs are tortured and sold to “celebrate” the summer solstice. These dogs are unlucky strays and beloved pets who are stolen, shoved into packed cages, and transported for days without food or water before meeting their gruesome end.

Beyond Yulin, your ongoing assistance helps us expose the truth about the shameful global dog and cat meat trade. Around the world each year, tens of thousands of helpless animals are beaten, hung, torched alive and finally cooked for profit.

We’re sponsoring bus ads urging people to not eat dogs, sending petitions directly to government leaders and providing direct aid to organizations on the ground saving dogs from slaughter. And we will keep up our work until dog and cat meat are things of the past.

Will you support our efforts to end the dog and cat meat trade and fight animal cruelty around the world?

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Together, we will continue to work to shut down the cruel dog and cat meat trade for good.