We’re just days away from the summer solstice, which means the bloody Yulin Dog Meat Festival in China is looming.

On June 21, thousands of dogs and cats will be slaughtered for their meat in Yulin, China if authorities don’t stop the event. That’s why Last Chance for Animals (LCA) has a petition you can sign right now to tell the Chinese Embassy that the bloodshed must end.

Pets are kidnapped from their homes. Stray dogs are run down and thrown into vans, or darted with poison so they collapse. The dogs are trucked for days with no food and water to Yulin, packed together in cages without the freedom to even move.

Some dogs are beaten and boiled alive in the false notion that tortured dogs provide tastier meat. Although the festival is centered around dogs, many cats are also brutally killed and eaten.

Please help by signing LCA’s petition at StopDogMeat.com and by spreading the word about the Yulin Dog Meat Festival. This is one tradition that the world can do without.


To learn more, see this video. Warning: it’s graphic! I narrated it, but I still have to shield my eyes.