In Thailand, a herd of 38 Asian elephants is in imminent danger. They could soon be sold into the Chinese circus and logging industry. But nonprofit Gentle Giants is coming to the rescue.

After the COVID-19 pandemic halted tourism, these majestic creatures finally enjoyed a life free from chains and cruelty. But their days of freedom are coming to an end.

Activists have just days to save these elephants from returning to the hellish world of forced labor. In partnership with Save Elephant Foundation, Gentle Giants is hosting an urgent campaign called the Gentle Giants Stay Home Project.

The new fundraiser aims to raise enough money to ensure the elephants’ freedom, sparing them from a future of performing in circuses, giving rides to tourists, and suffering under the brutal conditions of the logging industry.

The Gentle Giants Stay Home Project has to raise over $30,000 to keep these elephants safe from cruelty and confinement. They’re asking animal lovers for help. Proceeds will pay for food, medical care, and caretakers’ wages.

For just $50 a year, or $4 per month, you can help an elephant live free from abuse and neglect. Your support comes with a Sponsorship Certificate, a photo of the elephant you’re sponsoring, and a personalized badge that you can use in your social media profile picture.

To donate, visit the campaign’s website. Lady Freethinker wholeheartedly supports Gentle Giants’ effort to rescue these elephants and save all elephants from exploitation.