VIDEO – River Otter Visits Dog Best Friend Every Day to Play

Every day, an energetic river otter pays a visit to his dog friend — coincidentally named Rio — for a vigorous play session.

It took several months for Rio and the otter to gain each other’s trust. At first, they would communicate through the fence. Then eventually, the otter took the leap across to the other side.

Now the pair wrestle in the grass like best pals.


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  1. Rachael Markson

    Animals are so much smarter than humans. Another great example..

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  2. Tisa

    So cute. It makes us smile.
    Animals are delightful.

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    Love it, what a tease the Otter is, was only reading to-day how intelligent they are! The dog has a beautiful nature as well. Amazed how the Otter did not seem to feel the steel bars!

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  4. Leanne

    This was beautiful to watch. What a little tease that ottter Ius. There are some amazing friendships in the animal world.

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  5. Debbie

    That is the greatest thing! Again happy for positive stories wish their were more f them!

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  6. Summer Devlin

    Please be careful. Here, in Florida, we had a case of a river otter killing a dog and going after the dog’s owner. I think they can be a little unpredictable. This is very cute though. I just wouldn’t leave them alone together if you can help it.

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