For the first time in her life, 10-year-old Missy will get to spend spend National Mutt Day indoors.

As a new PETA video reveals, this special senior dog was once left in a makeshift outdoor pen so cluttered with junk, trash and rotting food that she could hardly see out of it.

Visiting PETA fieldworkers routinely brought her straw and made sure she had shelter, food, fresh water and affection.

For years, her owner refused to bring her indoors or let PETA rescue her. However, Missy was diagnosed with heartworm disease on a recent visit. That convinced the woman to allow PETA to get veterinary care for Missy and find her a new home.

Climbing over the gate that hadn’t been opened in years, they were met by a gleeful Missy, who received her first bath in 10 years at the PETA shelter, where she also started treatment for heartworm disease.

Lonely no more, thanks to toys, treats and lots of doting attention, Missy took her first road trip to Florida, where she finally gets to live indoors with her new forever family.

“Adopting a rescue dog is just the only way to go,” says adoptive guardian Terri David. “Missy’s life here will [include] a long walk in the morning. We hope we can take her to the beach. [S]he’ll have a lot of dog friends and just lots of love.”