A rescued rabbit named Bertha has found her forever home, complete with a new role and purpose – serving as the foster mom to other animals, including nine cats.

Bertha spent her early life in a hoarding situation where she was confined to a bin with holes drilled in the top.

After rescuing Bertha from that horrific situation, Emily Heiderscheidt, director of the Ruby and Lauren Animal Rescue in Clinton, North Carolina, took Bertha into her home to foster the bunny until she found an adoptive family. Bertha wound up happily becoming a “foster fail” when she was adopted by Heiderscheidt.

Today, Bertha shares foster mom responsibilities, helping Heiderscheidt care for the other rescue animals who come into their home — once they’ve been properly introduced. Bertha especially loves cuddling with kittens.

A viral TikTok video shows Bertha snuggling and playing with the foster cats and a puppy. She even lets the cats groom her and “make biscuits” on her back.

Heiderscheidt told Newsweek that it’s like Bertha has become the other animals’ “safe space.”

Lady Freethinker thanks the Ruby and Lauren Animal Rescue for rescuing this sweet bunny, and wishes Bertha a lifetime of love and cuddles.