Over 20 interfaith, ethnic, and social organizations have joined together to announce a large scale “Rally Against Hate” to be held in Washington D.C. on Saturday, July 23rd. The rally will protest terrorism, hate and gun violence, and will promote a positive view of American Muslims in the face of recent terror attacks. It also aims to raise awareness of hate speech directed at minorities and address the recent rise in shootings. Though they are not protesting all gun ownership, rally organizers believe we can do more to curb gun violence without repealing gun rights.

Spokesperson Bob Marro told Lady Freethinker, “There are solid groups against all three things the march stands for” (terrorism, hate, and gun violence). He said “It is hard to separate all three” because they are so interconnected in our modern society.

When asked how many protesters were expected, Marro said, “We aren’t sure…many thousands…many tens of thousands — could even be more than that.”

In the wake of Brexit and growing intolerance for anti-Muslim rhetoric, these issues are at the top of many Americans’ minds.

Marro wants to spread the message that “Muslims in America are Americans first and foremost.” He stresses the similarity of Muslims and any other immigrant coming to America, saying “We do not and never will support any efforts to impose violence….Muslims come here for the same reasons America has enshrined for the last 150 years.”

The rally is scheduled for Saturday, July 23, 2016 from 2 to 8pm at the Washington Monument in Washington, DC. To learn more visit http://www.marchforamerica.us.