The owner of a pub in Australia has made a stand against the cruel horse-racing industry by refusing to show the Melbourne Cup in her establishment and instead broadcasting a hard-hitting exposé of the racing industry.

The Cascade Hotel in Hobart usually shows the Melbourne Cup to its customers, but this year owner Mel Bush took the decision to boycott the annual horse race. She has opted to replace it with “The Final Race,” an investigative report aired on the ABC program “7.30” on October 17 that reveals the shocking mistreatment and brutal killing of racehorses.

“Those who know me will be aware that I am not a supporter of horse or greyhound racing and advocate for greater regulation of the industry at the very least in the hope that those who treat our four legged extreme athletes with less regard than should be afforded them may be brought to account,” said Bush in a Facebook post.

Bush added that she made the decision in hopes that it would make people think twice when placing a bet on a horse race and open their eyes to the rampant abuse in the industry.

The animal-loving landlady is even offering a complimentary glass of bubbly to those customers who want to join her on November 5, the day of the race.

On the pub’s Facebook page, Bush has received many messages of support from customers and strangers alike, praising her for using her business to take a stand against animal cruelty.

“The Final Race” shows horrifying footage of race horses being beaten, kicked and given electric shocks before being ruthlessly slaughtered.